Winning NaNoWrimo 2012

This years NaNo was just like last years, started strong, started to waiver, stopped writing altogether for the entire week of Thanksgiving and then a mad dash to the end. I finished with 51k give or take, got my winners badge, certificate, and a whole treasure trove of prized. Well, not really a treasure trove, but some really great deals from sponsors, two of which I will most likely take advantage of.

Even this far into December I am still slightly brain dead from the rush at the end and so all I will say is that NaNo is always an eye opener. 2nd year of doing it didn’t get easier, because really why would it? You create a new story every year, every story comes with it’s ups and down. I don’t think writing ever gets easier, you just become more disciplined in your writing and time management.

Bottom line: I will be doing NaNo again next year, I look forward to it being just as crazy and chaotic as it was this year and the year before that.

And yes, I am still totally stoked to be a NaNoWriMo Winner in 2012!



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