The Road Ahead

The next couple of months are scheduled to be extremely hectic, but I’m hoping that it is a good kind of hectic. Even better than good, I’m hoping for Fantastic! I’m finishing up the newest draft on one of my WIP titled Waking Up In Bedlam. Admittedly I should be working on that rather than blogging but I neglect my blog enough that I feel like when I have stuff to share I should hop on and get to it.

So what is waiting for me on the road ahead?

-I’m hoping to have Waking Up In Bedlam out to my Beta Readers/Editors/Critique Partner early this week. I only have two scenes left and I need to just push through them.

-I’m hoping to have edits done and re-reads out by the end of May

-Another round of edits and hopefully have Waking Up In Bedlam released in mid-July for The Self-Publishing Experiment.

-I have some art to due May, cover art for other authors.

-I had planned on submitting some short stories for 3 anthologies but two deadlines are in July and one is in August. So I think that I will cull that list down to 2 submissions: one in July and one in August.

-I already have another story that seems to be plotting out more like a series. It will be based around Egyptian Mythology and that really needs to be my main focus after Waking Up In Bedlam.

-The Twisted Tales Blog is going extremely well. We are on a rotation so that there is always new posts every week and the views on the blog just keep going up and up.

There is a whole lot of “hope” in that list and hope is what will keep me going. Hope of succeeding on a personal level. Hope of entertaining readers. Hope of reaching my goals.

So here’s to “HOPE” (or the “S” on Superman’s chest)!


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