Progress Made

Waking Up In Bedlam is getting just a little bit closer to being finished. I’ve been working on the edits for the second draft, I’ve gotten great feedback from one of my Beta Readers (still waiting for more). I made a smashwords account in anticipation of publishing my story. And I signed up for a blog hop in July, that is a big step for me. I’m hella nervous and super excited all at the same time.

Last but not least, I have my cover! I like it, it is simple and not overdone or gaudy looking. I have a pet peeve about covers that have way too much going on in them, I like simple, not plain but easy on the eyes. So I hope when my cover is revealed that people like it. *fingers crossed*

Anyways, my goal this week are:

-To finish up the edits for the second draft of Waking Up In Bedlam by the weekend so that it can go out for another round of clean ups.

-To hit a word count of 10k by Sunday on my newest WIP

-To finish my Beta Reading for my Friend Alexandra Webb by Sunday also.


Gonna be a busy couple of days, maybe I can buy some Z-quil and knock my husband out for 72 hours so I can get it all finished up. LOL, I kid, I kid.



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