Fear & A New Path

I haven’t made any announcements about this news because I am scared shitless. I know that sounds odd, I mean, being published is my dream. The reality of a dream coming true is a frightening thing. Sure it’s what we want, but it’s something that most of us only get one shot at and if we fuck it up then where does that leave us at? Well, I’m not really sure where that will leave me so I guess my only option is to not fail. End of story.

So here’s my big announcement. Two of my fellow authors from the Twisted Tales blog and myself have been accepted by a big name online publisher of “erotic literature”. Our task: each of us will be writing a single book that will make up a series. Yes, I’m being vague here… I’m still holding my breath waiting for contracts to come and don’t want to say too much but I figured I should say something.

Some days I don’t want to tell anyone and other days I want to shout it to anyone who will listen. I’m having some massive anxiety about this, I’m excited, scared, stressed, invigorated. I am every warring emotion you can imagine. But I stamp down the scary, fear-filled emotions and do my best to embrace this newest path in my life.

I won't give up.

I won’t give up.

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