Cover Reveal, Waking Up In Bedlam Excerpt, and GIVEAWAY!

I promised yesterday I would do this today since I missed the bloghop. I still wanted to put my efforts out there and give away a $10 amazon gift card. Instruction are at the bottom of this post on how to enter.

Waking Up In Bedlam by Mia Bishop: Excerpt (unedited) and Cover Reveal

Release Date: TBA


Jessa blinked —White sheets tangled around long, bare legs— this wasn’t a dream. It was another vision. As much as she wanted to turn away she couldn’t, she had to watch and see what Fate was once again showing her.

The man’s  head popped up and the woman giggled. Jessa‘s stomach clinched. This was the same man she kept seeing in her dreams, every time she closed her eyes, seeing his escapades with other women. She squeezed her eyes shut, knowing that it wouldn’t make the torment stop. She would see him whether her eyes were open or not.

The man threw the sheets off their sweaty bodies, Jessa hated the way her mouth watered when she saw him completely naked. His body was perfect, fit, lightly tanned, tattoos trailed down his arm. His hair was always messy enough to give off that “I just rolled out of bed” look, and his eyes were as icy blue as a glacier. He was the walking picture of sex in faded jeans, not that Jessa saw him much in her visions when he was fully dressed. She didn’t complained about his lack of clothes either for that matter. What hurt was watching him take various women to his bed, she had to watch them cling to him, scratch his back, wrap their legs around him. Jessa gripped the sides of her head and whimpered, “Please make it stop.”

But Fate was cruel, the vision wouldn’t stop. The female in his bed leaned up and nibbled on his ear and the man moaned. His hands went to her hips, lifting her slightly as he pistoned his hips. He was always thorough, he would make sure to leave his partners completely satisfied and exhausted. Jessa had to admit to being more than a little jealous of the women he bedded.

His mouth captured the woman’s, kissing her deep as the bed thumped against the wall with every powerful thrust. Jessa moaned and squeezed her legs together trying her best to stave off the arousal that was building. Her cheeks burned red. It was embarrassing enough to have to watch someone else have sex, it was ten times worse for Jessa to find herself turned on by it. Her petite fangs bit into her lip as the woman in her vision threw her head back and called out Ryder’s name over and over. Her body shook, Jessa’s did the same, as if she could feel the waves of ecstasy cascading over the man’s latest conquest. “Let this torment end, please,” Jessa whispered.

Finally the vision stopped, Jessa collapsed back onto her bed and breathed a ragged sigh of relief. This was pure torture. Even worse was the fact that she could not bring herself to admit what it meant, she told herself it meant nothing, it was a fluke, a false connection. Fate could fuck up, right? Fate made mistakes. A nagging voice at the back of her mind tried to remind her that Fate never made mistakes, but Jessa ignored it. She rolled over and buried her face in her pillow, sobbing uncontrollably. Her heart felt like it was broken into a million pieces every time she had to watch him.

Cover Art by: Something Wicked... Covers By Jamie

Cover Art by: Something Wicked… Covers By Jamie

Now on to the giveaway. Here’s the rules: All you have to do is comment on this post and you are automatically entered in the drawing for (1) $10 giftcard from Amazon. This will be open all weekend from 7/26 until 12:00am 7/29. A winner will be picked via Rafflecopter and will be announced in a post Monday, 7/29 before noon (Pacific Time). Good luck ❤



6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Waking Up In Bedlam Excerpt, and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hi Mia~
    That prologue has my itching to read this! and that cover is spectacular!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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