Slumps and Sadness

Slumps, the blahs, whatever you want to call them… We’ve all had one bad day, one very bad week, and sometimes even a bad season or two.

I really hate that feeling of “blah” it’s uncomfortable and itchy. It makes my head hurt, my eyes burn, and I become the 5 headed Hydra-Mia who can breathe fire, spit acid, and glare laser beams at anyone within a ten mile radius.

I usually get my blahs near the change of the seasons. Not just the cold seasons, those are actually my favorite time of year. Something about the changing of any season seems to send me into the blahs. In every other aspect I welcome and enjoy change. I am one of those people who rearrange all the furniture in the house four times a year (yes with the seasons). The rearranging gives me some sort of solace in this melancholy that I face every three months. I often think I’d be better off moving to a place where the seasons are less defined, and constantly rainy if I had my choice.

What does this have to with writing (since this is a blog about writing)? Everything. When I am in these slumps of depression I can’t write very productively. It takes a lot of effort on my part to stay focused and work. I’m still working though, as tough as it might be. Usually I take weeks to recover, I mope and refuse to write. This year I cannot allow myself such luxuries. I have deadlines, this girl is getting published and I’ll be damn if some mild depression, trouble in my personal life, or anything else is going to stand in my way. Time is the one thing that I have to utilize.

I also need to take off my “Procrastination Crown” and stop dragging my feet, but I felt that airing my depression-woes might do me some good and act like free therapy.

On the plus side, Twisted Revenge for Ellora’s Cave is coming along, I’m on the second round of edits although the ending isn’t wrapping up like I’d hoped but I should be able to get it to behave this week.

Current Works-In-Progress:

Twisted Revenge- In edits

The Brass Circle (Steampunk Short Story for submission)- Writing

Waking Up In Bedlam- In edits

(Everything else is on hold)

By Ernst Rosca from Moscow, Russia (sadness) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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