Blog Hop: Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air


Sometimes if you love someone you have to wait for them, sometimes you have to wait a lifetime. One of my favorite Greek tales is Achilles and Briseis. This story was actually supposed to be a novel, but for this blog hop I changed it up a whole lot and condensed it down to a Flash Fiction. I’ll still write the story one of these days since there is a lot more to this tale, but for now here is my post for the SPE Love Is In The Air- Flash Fiction Blog Hop. (There is a prize available as well, see below for details)


Intertwined: Achilles and Briseis

Brie pulled her coat tighter around herself. The cold breeze coming off the ocean had her shivering within seconds. She hurried down the sidewalk with her head tucked down and her hands shoved in her pockets in an attempt to keep warm.

“You shouldn’t be out walking all alone.”

She spun around and glared into the darkness. She couldn’t see him, but she remembered the voice of the man she’d met in the diner. She’d yet to hear what his name was. All she knew was that his messy brown hair flecked with strands of gold made her want to bury her fingers in it and as utterly frustrating as he was she could lose herself in his ice-blue eyes. “What do you want? As you can tell the diner is closed so you are a little late if you changed your mind about ordering.”

“Are you always this moody?”

She shrugged and started walking down the sidewalk again. “Nope, must just be you.”

Before she knew it he was walking next to her. “Lucky me then.”

Brie rolled her eyes. “You know this is qualifies as stalking. I keep pepper spray on me at all times, so I suggest you move along.”

“I’m not a stalker. I am here to protect you, Briseis.”

She wrinkled her nose. “My name is not Briseis, you have the wrong person.”

He touched her arm, bringing her to a stop. “Your name might not be Briseis right now, but it was… Once.” His features softened as he stroked her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “I have waited for you. Thousands of years have passed and I have never stopped waiting.”

“Thousands of years?” For a moment her heart fluttered. The moment passed quickly enough returning her to reality. She pushed him away. “You’re crazy.” She jabbed her finger at his chest. “I don’t know what psych ward you just stumbled out of, but I don’t want any part in your crazy fantasy.”

His eyes darkened. “Did you just call me crazy?”

“Yeah, you’re freaking nuts.” She tried to side step around him but he grabbed her arm and backed her up against the wall. His body pressed against hers, his lips hovering dangerously close. She struggled in his tight grip. “Let me go, that hurts.”

Regret flashed in his eyes. His grip loosened, but he didn’t release her. “I will protect what is mine.”

His words sent a shiver down her spine. How long had she waited to hear someone say those words to her? But this was all wrong. This wasn’t how her story was supposed to go. She tried to push him off but he wouldn’t budge. “Get off me. I am not yours, you are a fucking psychopath.”

His hips pressed into hers and she felt a spike of heat pool between her legs. He dipped his head down. “You are mine.”

Her voice quivered. “You’re going to kiss me, aren’t you?”

God please kiss me. She tried to ignore the voice in her head. What was she thinking? She didn’t even know his name.

She watched as he simply nodded his head, his mouth was only a fraction of an inch from hers. She licked her lips and when his lips lightly brushed against hers she couldn’t help but moan. It was the lightest of touches. So soft and yet her stomach fluttered and her knees went weak. She could live a thousand years just from that kiss alone. She was about to lean in closer but thunder and lightening erupted in the sky. She blinked and caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of her eye.

The stranger pinning her to the wall growled and turned his head towards this new threat. “You!”

Brie stared as a man stepped out of the shadows. Beautiful wasn’t a word she often thought of when describing a man but whereas the stranger who’d just kissed her was the pure definition of sex the other man was god-like in his beauty with his glowing skin and sunkissed hair. He threw his hand out and sent a bolt of bright light at the man pressed against her, sending him flying several feet away from her.

She should have stayed and tried to help one of them, but which one? Survival was her only instinct right now. She took off without a second thought. Glancing over her shoulder as she ran she saw the man who had pinned her to the wall stand up. He dusted himself off and his words almost made her pause. “Apollo. You can’t interfere, you know the rules of the Fates! You won’t take her from me again!”

Apollo chuckled. “You’ve already lost her.”


Brie rounded the corner to her block and didn’t stop running until she was inside her apartment. She bolted the door, slid the chain lock and braced a chair against the door handle. She told herself to not think about any thing that had happened, but her mind refused to stop. She grabbed her laptop as soon as she was settled into bed and brought up Google. She typed in one name: Briseis

Finding nothing she was about to log out when she did another search: Apollo

There was only one name that those two searches had in common. Brie shook her head, whispering to herself, “Achilles. No…”

A flood of images and emotions washed over her. She clasped her hand over mouth to try to stop her whimpers of pain. Tears streaked down her cheeks as the thousands of years of waiting pounded against the floodgates of her soul. Her soul mate had found her. Achilles had crawled his way out of Tartarus to find her reborn in a mortal form and she had ran from him. He was lost to her once again, thanks to Apollo, but this time she would fight for him. Their souls would be reunited. The gods be damned, this time she would save Achilles.


Comment below (and remember to leave a valid e-mail) to be entered into the contest. Comment on each blog participants post and it will earn you another entry into the giveaway. The prizes are: an Amazon gift card, Valentine’s candies, some book swag, and a free download of Waking Up In Bedlam by Mia Bishop along with a free download of In The Light Of The Moon and an ARC of Dance In The Moonlight by A.L. Kessler.

The drawing is open from 2/14-2/18.

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