Featured Author Friday: A.L. Kessler

This weeks Featured Author is a dear friend of mine, A.L. Kessler. She works twice as hard as anyone else I know, she has more deadlines that I can keep up with and still manages to find time to help other indie authors, bloggers, and spends equal amounts of time connecting with readers.


Featured Author: A.L. Kessler

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

I’m a stay at home mom, paranormal romance, urban fantasy author. I’ve dabbled in steampunk before, but it’s not my forte. I live in Colorado Springs with my husband, daughter, cats and dog. I live off of coffee and can be bribed with chocolate. 😀 If I’m not writing or sleeping, I’m reading or playing video games. (You know, between those times that I’m chasing my 2 year old around.)

Are you Indie Published, Traditional, Hybrid, unpublished?

I’m mostly indie at this point, I have one short story out with a small press in an anthology, but other than that it’s all indie. Proud to say such too, but though I say indie, I don’t do everything on my own, I have a team of people who help me out. Couldn’t do it with out my cover artist, editor, and beta readers.

Tell us a little about your current work, project, or book?

Dance in the Moonlight is my current release. It’s the second book in my Dark War Chronicles and expands on the world as well as the characters. It’s the story of Coran and Renee, Coran has to get over a past love and learn to accept that Renee is human while Renee struggles with being a target in the supernatural world.

Dance In The Moonlight by A.L. Kessler Cover by: Something Wicked... Covers by Jamie

Dance In The Moonlight by A.L. Kessler
Cover by: Something Wicked… Covers by Jamie

What is coming up next for you?

Next up is DWC #3 and #4, I can’t say who’s books they are without giving away spoilers, but #3 will be out in July hopefully. I also have Druid Blood (Beyond Blood book 1) which is a different twist on paranormal and Scottish/Celtic lore. I’m also working on Midnight book 2, Alaster’s book: Midnight Shadows.

Where can readers follow you and will you be appearing in person anywhere in 2014?

Coming up in Denver, I’ll be at AnomalyCon (March 28th, 19th, 30th)

I’ll also be at the Indie Romance Convention (September 11th-13th)



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