Tuesday Tease: Exclusively Yours by Alexandra Webb

Alexandra was nice enough to share a snippet from her current work in progress “Exclusively Yours” with me today! Thank you, Alex!

Title: Exclusively Yours

Author: Alexandra Webb

Genre: BDSM Suspense

Excerpt from Exclusively Yours:

She pulled Vanessa in for a kiss, her tongue probing and parting her lips. They devoured and explored each other’s mouths and Leslie slid her hands over the soft curves of Vanessa’s hips, she let one hand rest on the waist and the other snaked in between them and brush through the trimmed hair right above Vanessa’s wet opening. She groaned at the touch. Though her body reacted, Leslie was simply doing as she was told. Vanessa was not one of her favorite girls to play with. But Leslie knew that the men at the table would be stroking themselves and the woman would be rubbing their thighs together. Soon the real fun would start. As they were treating each other to teasing touches and kisses a chair scrapped across the floor, heavy footsteps came up behind them. Her head was yanked back and she met the eyes of the man she’d seen in the hall. Her eyes flickered away automatically as she was trained.

He kissed her, tightening his grip on her hair. Her lips parted, letting him in as her clit throbbed with the tingling pain in her scalp. Their tongues tangled for a moment until he let go of her.

“Leslie, wait position.” Master’s voice snapped and she went to her knees. Resting her ass on her thighs and opening her legs, she felt the cool air of the room move across her exposed core and she shivered. She placed her arms on her legs, palms up, and held her head down, waiting for further instructions. “Vanessa, wall. Tess, knees. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy these girls while we wait for the others to show up.”

Keeping her gaze down, she only saw a pair of boots when someone approached her. Large fingers threaded through her hair and pulled. She stood, following his jerks. By his movements and jeans she knew that this was the seasoned member. That let her know what he wanted. She’d studied his habits before and knew what to expect. He led her over to the couch, where he sat, unzipping his pants. His hard member sprung out of his jeans and she went to work with her mouth. Her tongue caressed his shaft as she moved him in and out of her mouth, taking extra care to swirl around the head of his cock.

She cried out when she was pulled away from him and a hand wrapped around her throat. Her heart thudded as panic started to crawl through her. It took all her training to keep her from freaking out. Maybe his hand would just pass over her throat. It was often used as a scare tactic. No, his fingers tightened and she slammed her eyes shut. “Red.”


About the Author:

Alexandra lives in her office, where the coffee never runs out, the music plays and the chocolate magically appears. She adores reading, crafting and sleep. She often gets lost in her own world of writing. Spinning tales since she could speak, she knew she wanted to be an author in high school and she chased the dream everyone told her was ridiculous. Her preferred genre is paranormal romance with a flare for things a little less vanilla. Alexandra takes gifts of caffeine, candy and other sweets.

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