Tuesday Tease: Radioactive WIP by Mia Bishop

Today’s tease is something I’ve been slowly working on. It’s completely out of my element to write 1st person POV, but I’m giving it a try because who doesn’t want to read a Post-Apocalyptic Erotica? Set in a military-controlled United States where danger looms around every turn, told in 1st person. LOL Who knows, maybe it will be a hit. I jokingly call this “libertarian-erotica” I’m sure the political party doesn’t appreciate my made up genre.

Except from Radioactive (Working Title) Rough draft, unedited:

As soon as the group is a few yards outside of the gate everyone stops. They look around confused. They are out but where will they go? Some look back at the camp, I can see they are actually considering if life isn’t better inside the wall… It isn’t. We have to run.

Captain Phoenix must have had the same thought because I feel him tap my shoulder. I glance back at him and he nods his head north. “We have to go. They are regrouping and they’ll start gathering up anyone they can find.”

“North? But what about the infected?”

“You’ll be fine. Trust me.” He turns to Sadie and Quake. “I know you two are tired, but I need you to run until we are safe. No one quits. Do you hear me?”

Those are orders for survival and survival is all that matters. All of us nod our heads and take off in the direction he suggested. The captain takes up the rear. There is enough rubble and decaying buildings nearby that we can stay covered while making our escape. Unfortunately there will come a time when the ruins of the city will run out and we will be faced with the wilderness.


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