Featured Author Friday: K. Margaret

Today’s Featured Author is K. Margaret. She is a wonderfully talented writer and great friend. Check her out on Facebook and follow all of her other links as well. You can also check out her twisted tale of Tinkerbell on the Twisted Tales Blog.


Featured Author: K. Margaret

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?
First and foremost I’m a single mom of the most amazing teenage daughter anyone could ask for. Sure I’m bias, but more because she’s just like me, which makes me proud and getting grey hair at an early age. Being a young, single mom has made me strong and self-sufficient and those are two big characteristics I pass onto my female characters in my writing.

There are three things in this world I am addicted to; writing my characters, watching sports, and coffee. Not sure what I would do if one of those was taken away from me. Pretty sure all three are needed to survive my crazy life.

Other than being a single mom, and a inspiring author, I also work full time at an attorney’s office. Which of course mean 12 hours of my day is either spent in my truck sitting in traffic or behind a desk. Most of my ideas and inspiration come when I’m sitting in those hours of traffic.

As far as me as a writer, I’m a little different than your typical romance author. I don’t believe that happily ever after is the same for all my characters. When I write, I’m writing their stories and I stay true to who they are and not box them into the ‘meet, fall in love, get married’, outline. Each of them is very different and each of their relationships are very different. Someone once told me to write what I love and what I believe in, because if I didn’t then my readers would never believe what I’m writing and they would never invest themselves in my character’s lives. Because of that, I am no longer afraid to go with my gut, even if it doesn’t fit into the typical box.


Are you Indie Published, Traditional, Hybrid, unpublished?

I’m currently Indie Unpublished. But hoping that unpublished part won’t be for too much longer.


Tell us a little about your current work, project, or book?
My current series is called Dark Dreams, which will bring the reading into the paranormal world filled with demons, gods, slayers, shifters and witches. The first book is called Dare to Dream and is about a female slayer, Nellie and her best friend and panther shifter, Nathaniel. This book introduces the world of the slayers as well as getting to meet a lot of the other characters that will part of the whole series. I hope to have this one ready to publish end of summer/beginning of fall.
One of the characters that will be introduced happens to be my favorite and always will be, Empusa. Her story is the other book I’m currently working on called Endless Nightmare. That book will most likely be a novella and is the origin story of Empusa. Hope to have that one ready by the end of 2014.


What is coming up next for you?

After Dare to Dream and Endless Nightmare, I’ll be working on the third book in the series which will continue Empusa’s story from where it leaves off in the previous book.


Where can readers follow you and will you be appearing in person anywhere in 2014?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DareToDreamStory
Blog: http://darkdreamseries.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KMargaret79
Instagram: …http://instagram.com/kmargaret79
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSZUzEHQ75VJNRnAlhOXGw
Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/kmargaret79/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110929367889253072338/posts


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