Magic Monday: Gaming

Most who know me know I’m a huge gamer… For me gaming is magic. It takes me from real life to a world where I can be anything I want, I can be good or bad. I can dig inside myself, forget the troubles of bills, shopping, and household chores, and relish in adventure I cannot have in real life. My soul-sucking game of choice is WoW. My class of choice is amazingly not a warlock or mage, although I do have plently of toons made up for those classes. My class of choice is the Hunter. I kick some major ass with my hunters. Usually Night Elf or Blood Elf. And what I liked most about them was the pets, when WoW first started Hunters were the only class with pets and you had to earn them, you didn’t start off with the little buggers. Oh and my pet of choice was always big cats. But the second thing that drew me to them was that the shots/abilities still feel like magic. I could down a lot of spiders and murlocs with my rapid fire and aimed shot abilities.

Even though they aren’t a magic class I still felt like I still got my magic fix. You’d think I would have went with Druids (which was my very first class) but I found Druids difficult as I liked to mostly quest by myself and for me Druids seemed to need some extra help. I don’t know how people use Druids as Tanks, but I know it works, but for me it didn’t mesh right. So as a Hunter I can go it alone for the most part, just me and my cat, and sting shot, aimed shot, and rapid fire.

I haven’t gotten to play in a few years… Man, I miss it. And I know they’ve changed a lot of things. But for today’s Magic Monday I wanted to share a picture of my beloved Night Elf Hunter Koiyuki.

Koiyuki and Tuxx- Norgannon Server: Legionaire Guild

Koiyuki and Tuxx- Norgannon Server: Legionaire Guild

That screen shot was taken during the Valentine’s Event, something like 5 years ago. Tuxx is played by my husband and in celebration of V-day that year I took this screen shot to City Market and had them put it on a cake. Needless to say I got some pretty strange looks from the Bakery Staff.

Valentine's Day Cake featuring Koiyuki and Tuxx

Valentine’s Day Cake featuring Koiyuki and Tuxx

So while my gaming and WoW might not be “magic” in the true sense of the word Koiyuki, Bellavendeta, Lexx, and all my other Alts are magical to me.

Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite?


P.S. If I ever get a computer that can run WoW again be sure to look me up if you play and are on Norgannon, Terrokar, or Echo Isles! ❤

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