Friday Five: Yard Sales

This past weekend I hit up the yard sales… Okay, truthfully I do this whenever possible. But here are my top 5 finds.

  1. Jig saw, hammer, and chamber locks (I’m gathering tools for building our Tiny House next year) Evernote Camera Roll 20141027 123502
  2. 3 tier Lazy Susan Evernote Camera Roll 20141027 123503
  3. Minion by L.A. Banks Evernote Camera Roll 20141027 123505
  4. Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer Evernote Camera Roll 20141027 1235042
  5. Brand new Tool Belt Evernote Camera Roll 20141027 123504

This weekend I am having a yard sale too. I will be selling clothes, books (that one hurts my heart), toys, exercise equipment, and anything else I can find. Also I’m making some loaves of Cinnamon Raisin Bread, a couple of pairs of knitted arm warmers, some pop can bracelets, and any extra wire jewelry I’ve made this year to make some extra cash.

We have a trip to Children’s Hospital in Denver come November and the fund that we used to help get up there and get a room for the few days we have to stay is no longer available, luckily we have plenty of stuff to sell to help get us up there. Wish us luck, this is my first yard sale on my own. I am a wee bit nervous.

What are the five best yard sale finds you’ve found this year?


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