February 2015: New Releases

To help out my fellow authors and the reader communities I thought I’d put together a list at the beginning of the month of new releases by authors I either know and/or are just a fan of to help spread the word. Word of mouth still works wonders for authors, both indie and traditional. And also to help shine a spotlight on serials and comics, some great work is coming out in the form of both formats by extremely talented authors and artists.

So here’s the 1st New Releases post (and yes, it’s super short but since this is a new thing for me maybe over time it will build up to be a bigger list)

And if you know of anything coming out this month then leave a comment with the authors name, title, genre, and release date and I will add it to the list!

A.L. Kessler Past Demons Feb. 16, 2015 Novel PNR BUY HERE Goodreads
K. Margaret Endless Nightmare Weekly + Serial Rated: R READ HERE
Christopher M. Salas/Illustrated by: Jason M. Montoya Abigail Balcescu Issue #3 Feb. 7, 2015 Comic Paranormal/Horror BUY HERE

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