Character Interview: Erika & Landon (Black and White Desires by Alexandra Webb)

Erika and Landon are from Black and White Desires by Alexandra Webb

Black & White Desires by Alexandra Webb

Black & White Desires by Alexandra Webb


Erika’s world is turned upside down when she agrees to a photography job for Landon, a sexy archeologist with a passion for control. When he hires her for a shoot of a different nature, a BDSM demonstration on submission, Landon takes her into a lifestyle that has only been a curiosity for her. She must learn to let go of her control to follow her desire to submit. Can Erika come to terms with what she needs from Landon and learn to give up the control she clings to?

****Warning: Contains BDSM Elements*****

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Let’s get started…

Hi Erika & Landon! Thank you for being here today!  I know you are both very busy so let’s jump right in.

First question, What impression do you think make on people when they first meet you in Black and White Desires?

Erika: Most people assume I’m just a workaholic and I don’t know how to let lose. As well as I’m stuck in the old times since I like film photography over digital.

Landon: Most people think I’m easy going but I can be intimidating enough that they don’t like to always approach me.

And how about after they get to know you, do you think they start to see another side of you?

Erika: They do, if they get to know me enough they know that I work to support my passion and they learn just how much passion  I have.

Landon: Yes, they learn that I really am intimidating, but only when it suites my needs. They get to see me relax and that I have a none professional side.

Speaking of passion, let’s get some hard hitting questions out on the table, shall we? What do you both think are the biggest misconceptions about your lifestyle and what are some of the facts that people might not know?

Erika: That I had over all control. As a submissive there is a lot of negotiation that goes into a lifestyle relationship. It might not all be there in the book, but it does happen.  One of the facts that I think people should know is that the submissive has all the power, it is by consent that they give up control.

Landon: That I beat her when she displeases me in some way, non-consensually. Yes, pain is part of the dynamic that we have, but it is what she wants. As a Dom it is my job to know how much she can handle. A fact that I think everyone should know: BDSM relationships are not built over night or during one night stands. Trust is something that develops and communication is a must.

Erika, I love that you let everyone know that you are the one in control. I really think a lot of people don’t understand that aspect of it. Landon, you said BDSM relationships aren’t built overnight, so how did you know Erika was the one? Was it just a gut feeling, or an instant connection? And Erika, was  it a hard decision for you to make in regards to starting this relationship?

Landon: The book doesn’t show a lot of what goes on behind scenes in a BDSM relationships. As an experienced Dom, I saw some of the characteristics in Erika of a sub. It helped that Beau had some experience with her at a photo shoot. chuckles I felt it as an instant connection, but even then I had to learn what limits she had and what she was willing to do.

Erika: As Landon mentioned, I had played around a bit with Beau and his sub, but that was the only real taste I had in BDSM. The choice to go into a 24/7 lifestyle relationship was hard. It meant willingly giving up control. In my life, the only thing I could count on was what I controlled. I had to trust that Landon wouldn’t abuse the power I was giving him.

And how has your life changed since meeting each other?

Erika: I’m out of the bar and into a paying photography job, Landon helped with that. Some by pulling strings and some by just giving me a chance and a place to do my work. I’m happier now, everything he does has a purpose even if I don’t see it right away all his choices for mean are for the best. And the sex is amazing.

Landon: I feel complete. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, sub, or lover. There’s never a dull moment with her. Especially since she tends to attract trouble.

*laughs* There is definitely never a dull moment to be had when you have a trouble magnet in your life. That said, has life settled down a bit after Black and White Desires?

Landon: For the most part, but you never know. There might be another adventure around the corner. We do travel quite a bit together now.

Erika: I’m okay with a bit of quiet time, let’s not have another insane person come after me.

Okay, so Erika wants some quiet time. Sounds like a vacation might be in order. Do either of you have a dream vacation? If so, what would it be and where would you go?

Landon: We both would like to go somewhere there’s a beach. Somewhere warm and sunny, and of course somewhere were Erika has to wear a bikini.

Erika: I just want to go somewhere I haven’t been that will give me some great photographs.

I’m sure you could take some amazing pictures out on a secluded beach somewhere. Though I’m sure those would be for Landon’s eyes only. Erika, you had mentioned doing paying photoshoots now, is there any that you’ve done recently that you can tell us about?

Landon: You bet there would be some for my eyes only.

Erika: I’ve done a nice mixture. I’ve done some for other Doms of their subs and I worked with the magazine that hosted my picture of the tablet at the start of the book.

And what is on the horizon for the both of you, individually and as a couple? Will we be seeing you again? winks Another book, perhaps?

Landon: I think so. There’s always a possibility of it.

Erika: You never know Alex might be plotting something out now.

I can’t wait to see what Alex cooks up next and I want to thank you both for taking some time out to speak to me today. It’s been a pleasure having you both here and I’m sure everyone appreciates your openness about your lifestyle. I know it is a private subject, but with all the misconceptions out there I think it’s great that you two were willing to talk about it.

Before we wrap this up is there anything you’d like to add? And where can people read your story?

Landon: We’ll be around again, I’m sure. You can come check us out on Amazon:

Erika: It’s free for those who have kindle unlimited and costs less than a cup of coffee for those who don’t!

That’s great to know. Thank you again for being here and tell Alex to get to writing, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to read more.


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About the Author:

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb lives in her office where the sun is always shining, the coffee always flows and the chocolate never runs out. She writes paranormal romance and BDSM. She loves to hear from people you can find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and on her website.


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