Birthday Sale! Waking Up In Bedlam

Happy birthday to me :)

Happy birthday to me 🙂

I’ve decided that this year, for the week of my birthday, I would have a sale to celebrate. Sale runs 9/14 thru 9/20. You can pick up Waking Up In Bedlam for 99 cents on Amazon only.



I had the best time writing this book, it was my first experience with writing a complete book, going through the editing process, picking out cover art, the whole nine yards so I look back at this book very fondly.


Waking Up In Bedlam by Mia Bishop

Waking Up In Bedlam by Mia Bishop

Explore a world of myth & legends hidden within our own world. Where Elves & Fae rule from their dark and light courts, legendary hunters work to keep the balance, shifters prowl the streets at night, Arthurian myths come to life, and witches, ogres, and other mystical races work to ensure that the humans never find out what is hiding on the other side of the veil.

Ryder is a fake- and he knows it. He spends his days pretending to be a paranormal investigator and his nights entertaining groups of believers with his claims of communicating with the dead. Life is good and business is booming until the night a beautiful woman storms out of his seminar and a mysterious man drops an unexplainable case in his lap. Ryder finds out the world he thought was fake is actually real and even worse, he has become the paranormal world’s most wanted.

Jessa wants answers– and the human, Ryder, is the only one who can give them to her. She has one goal, keep him alive long enough to figure our why he has been haunting her dreams. The only problem is the more time she spends with him the more she realizes the answers she seeks are ones she isn’t ready to face.

Can either one of them accept what fate has laid out for them? Or will they fight their destiny at the cost of everyone they hold dear?

Buy it today on Amazon <CLICK HERE>!
Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads Book Shelf!
Happy birthday to me :)

Happy birthday to me 🙂

If you pick it up and happen to enjoy it don’t forget to leave a review if you have the time. (I know life gets busy and leaving reviews isn’t always feasible.) I’d appreciate it!


Thanks again!


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