The Editing Roller Coaster

What a ride this has been. It’s taken almost two years to complete this project but I am finally near the finish line! Only one chapter left to go. It’s so exciting for me. This story has taken me forever, or at least that’s what it’s felt like. The editing has been the hardest part. And when I say hardest part, I mean it was a giant beast I wasn’t sure if I could slay. He was just going to lay waste to the townfolks and I was left sitting here in my chair watching my imaginary world burn to the ground. The edits were brutal, but absolutely necessary.


My story went from 80,000 to over 100,000 words, which makes it the longest story I’ve ever written. It’s been an amazing journey seeing how my characters grew from such extensive and intense rewrites. All of that hard work is thanks to my editor, she has poured over every chapter with her red inked-fine toothed comb. Some days I bitched, some days I cried, other days I pushed my computer aside and declared “I’m not editing any more! I can’t do it!” but eventually I’d calm down and pick it all back up and slog through more rewrites. Every time I reworked a scene I would find out something new that I hadn’t realized before, both about myself as a writer and about my characters. This process, while exhausting, has been great for my story and I’m so excited to be a little closer to sharing it with everyone.

My next step is to send it off to Beta Readers. This week I’m going back over the entire manuscript to double/triple check for spelling mistakes and then hopefully it will be in my two wonderful Beta Reader’s hands by Friday. With any luck by next week I might have another update for you!

Proofreading red pencil

Proofreading red pencil


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