Character Interview: Erika & Landon (Black and White Desires by Alexandra Webb)

Erika and Landon are from Black and White Desires by Alexandra Webb

Black & White Desires by Alexandra Webb

Black & White Desires by Alexandra Webb


Erika’s world is turned upside down when she agrees to a photography job for Landon, a sexy archeologist with a passion for control. When he hires her for a shoot of a different nature, a BDSM demonstration on submission, Landon takes her into a lifestyle that has only been a curiosity for her. She must learn to let go of her control to follow her desire to submit. Can Erika come to terms with what she needs from Landon and learn to give up the control she clings to?

****Warning: Contains BDSM Elements*****

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Let’s get started…

Hi Erika & Landon! Thank you for being here today!  I know you are both very busy so let’s jump right in.

First question, What impression do you think make on people when they first meet you in Black and White Desires?

Erika: Most people assume I’m just a workaholic and I don’t know how to let lose. As well as I’m stuck in the old times since I like film photography over digital.

Landon: Most people think I’m easy going but I can be intimidating enough that they don’t like to always approach me.

And how about after they get to know you, do you think they start to see another side of you?

Erika: They do, if they get to know me enough they know that I work to support my passion and they learn just how much passion  I have.

Landon: Yes, they learn that I really am intimidating, but only when it suites my needs. They get to see me relax and that I have a none professional side.

Speaking of passion, let’s get some hard hitting questions out on the table, shall we? What do you both think are the biggest misconceptions about your lifestyle and what are some of the facts that people might not know?

Erika: That I had over all control. As a submissive there is a lot of negotiation that goes into a lifestyle relationship. It might not all be there in the book, but it does happen.  One of the facts that I think people should know is that the submissive has all the power, it is by consent that they give up control.

Landon: That I beat her when she displeases me in some way, non-consensually. Yes, pain is part of the dynamic that we have, but it is what she wants. As a Dom it is my job to know how much she can handle. A fact that I think everyone should know: BDSM relationships are not built over night or during one night stands. Trust is something that develops and communication is a must.

Erika, I love that you let everyone know that you are the one in control. I really think a lot of people don’t understand that aspect of it. Landon, you said BDSM relationships aren’t built overnight, so how did you know Erika was the one? Was it just a gut feeling, or an instant connection? And Erika, was  it a hard decision for you to make in regards to starting this relationship?

Landon: The book doesn’t show a lot of what goes on behind scenes in a BDSM relationships. As an experienced Dom, I saw some of the characteristics in Erika of a sub. It helped that Beau had some experience with her at a photo shoot. chuckles I felt it as an instant connection, but even then I had to learn what limits she had and what she was willing to do.

Erika: As Landon mentioned, I had played around a bit with Beau and his sub, but that was the only real taste I had in BDSM. The choice to go into a 24/7 lifestyle relationship was hard. It meant willingly giving up control. In my life, the only thing I could count on was what I controlled. I had to trust that Landon wouldn’t abuse the power I was giving him.

And how has your life changed since meeting each other?

Erika: I’m out of the bar and into a paying photography job, Landon helped with that. Some by pulling strings and some by just giving me a chance and a place to do my work. I’m happier now, everything he does has a purpose even if I don’t see it right away all his choices for mean are for the best. And the sex is amazing.

Landon: I feel complete. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, sub, or lover. There’s never a dull moment with her. Especially since she tends to attract trouble.

*laughs* There is definitely never a dull moment to be had when you have a trouble magnet in your life. That said, has life settled down a bit after Black and White Desires?

Landon: For the most part, but you never know. There might be another adventure around the corner. We do travel quite a bit together now.

Erika: I’m okay with a bit of quiet time, let’s not have another insane person come after me.

Okay, so Erika wants some quiet time. Sounds like a vacation might be in order. Do either of you have a dream vacation? If so, what would it be and where would you go?

Landon: We both would like to go somewhere there’s a beach. Somewhere warm and sunny, and of course somewhere were Erika has to wear a bikini.

Erika: I just want to go somewhere I haven’t been that will give me some great photographs.

I’m sure you could take some amazing pictures out on a secluded beach somewhere. Though I’m sure those would be for Landon’s eyes only. Erika, you had mentioned doing paying photoshoots now, is there any that you’ve done recently that you can tell us about?

Landon: You bet there would be some for my eyes only.

Erika: I’ve done a nice mixture. I’ve done some for other Doms of their subs and I worked with the magazine that hosted my picture of the tablet at the start of the book.

And what is on the horizon for the both of you, individually and as a couple? Will we be seeing you again? winks Another book, perhaps?

Landon: I think so. There’s always a possibility of it.

Erika: You never know Alex might be plotting something out now.

I can’t wait to see what Alex cooks up next and I want to thank you both for taking some time out to speak to me today. It’s been a pleasure having you both here and I’m sure everyone appreciates your openness about your lifestyle. I know it is a private subject, but with all the misconceptions out there I think it’s great that you two were willing to talk about it.

Before we wrap this up is there anything you’d like to add? And where can people read your story?

Landon: We’ll be around again, I’m sure. You can come check us out on Amazon:

Erika: It’s free for those who have kindle unlimited and costs less than a cup of coffee for those who don’t!

That’s great to know. Thank you again for being here and tell Alex to get to writing, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to read more.


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About the Author:

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb lives in her office where the sun is always shining, the coffee always flows and the chocolate never runs out. She writes paranormal romance and BDSM. She loves to hear from people you can find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and on her website.


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Welcome To My Circus, Here Are My Monkeys

Full disclosure: I sat on this post for over a week. I swayed back and forth on whether to post it or not. Do I want to get involved in this fight? No. But do I need to speak up? Yes. Because this shit affects my career and I am down right pissed that all of this has the possibility to tarnish my name just by being associated with EC. This was supposed to be my livelihood, my dream career, my new beginning and now thanks to the people in charge being unable to just let one fucking blog post run it’s course the authors (yes, all of us, even small fries like me) are suffering. Their wallets will get fatter (one way or another), mine will see a big fat zero. Can I sleep at night if I don’t at least voice my opinion, even if my opinion is meaningless? No I cannot. And so I’ve decided to post it.

In case you weren’t aware, I am an Ellora’s Cave author. Yes, I said the three dirtiest words in the literary world right now. Everyone, at this point, has heard that Ellora’s Cave filed suit against the blog Dear Author for defamation and continues to make posts and comments about it which ensures that this never leaves the headlines. So since it should all be common knowledge I’m not going to get into all of it here. If you are unaware of what has been going on you can check out these blog posts that will point you in the right direction.

Los Angeles Times


The lawsuit is the elephant in the room, the big pink one at the circus that, I think, no one who is an EC author really wants to talk publicly about. So I will keep this post about my opinion and my opinion only.

If the powers that be would have just left it alone that blog post by DA would have been swept under the rug the next time an author behaved badly or someone went on a Twitter rampage, which would have only taken a week or two. Instead the people in charge of Ellora’s Cave made a mountain out of a molehill as I see it and now this shit storm just keep snowballing out of control. Every day someone involved in this suit has something to say on social media, or their blog, or in the comments section of someone’s post and it just makes it that much more of a big deal. If I were the lawyer my first words would have been “Shut the fuck up!”

Do I think that EC should have sued DA for a blog post? This is my personal opinion only and my answer is NO. I think that suing bloggers for exercising their freedom of speech is a huge slap to the fundamentals of our constitution and causes a ripple effect of silencing anyone who might have a differing opinion than EC (or any publisher in the future). I do not think anything in the DA post constitutes as defamation, I think it was a blogger who fact checked and had sources writing an opinion piece about the state of affairs of a company, the same as other bloggers do about sports teams, investments, TV shows, Actors portfolios, etc. As I write this I am having a slight panic attack thinking that this will be posted in a public forum and what if someone decides to sue me for my opinion? It’s crazy, we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves, address our fears, and participate in public debates/discussions/and protests. These are our rights and this lawsuit will have a negative fallout one way or another. Just by filing it EC has created this atmosphere of “us against them” and all sides are riled up.

The hashtag #NotChilled has sprung up by authors and bloggers who, regardless of this lawsuit, aren’t afraid to speak out. I think everyone at this point sees this lawsuit as a way of scaring authors/bloggers into silence. And to some degree it’s working. I don’t even have a huge grievance and I had to think long and hard about this. My complaint is how this is being played out in public. I worked for a lawyer and never have I seen two sides in a lawsuit (one side in particular) talk so much about said suit in public. That is Lawyering 101 people, keep your mouth shut before you say something that might lose your case for you.

So who wins? No one. Who loses? The authors.

We bleed these stories. They might just be corny “smut” books to the outside world, but they are our children, we birthed them from the deepest parts of our souls. That might sound over dramatic, but it’s true, if you are an artist then you understand. Every character has walked a million miles in our minds. Their pain is our pain. We cry, laugh, and gasp as we are writing these books. And as authors we can, and do, become emotionally attached to our work. Because unlike most professions, people reading our work are opening a window to our very raw, very exposed soul and taking a peek.

What I am trying to say is that my book for EC is my work. It is my blood, sweat, and tears. It is made up of my stress, fear, love, and excitement. This was my first (and to date, only) traditionally published work. And I’m proud of it.

Twisted Revenge is my work and if I am proud of my work I should not have to be ashamed to tell people that. But as with most boilerplate issues public opinion doesn’t always sway that way. Some people think that no one should promo their EC books, some readers are proclaiming that they will never by another EC title. Which I understand. I think readers and authors should go with their gut on this topic. Do what you feel is right. Or if you are so inclined, listen to each author and see what it is they personally would like their fans to do.

Some EC authors only have EC as their income and this lawsuit is hurting them. Other authors do publish with other companies or self-publish, but this still hurts them as well. These are authors who haven’t done anything wrong — some of them are just waiting for a check. They just want to be able to pay the electric or keep the gas on. I’m sure that if given the chance none of them would have voted for this lawsuit/mudslinging extravaganza to happen. Most of us just want it to go away.

“But Mia, what about the fact that part of that money will go to EC?” Meh, really what can I say to answer that? Honestly, some portion of all money spent goes to some “all powerful corporation”. My self published books have a portion that goes straight to Amazon even though they tweak their algorithm to purposely leave my titles and others in my genre out of the search results, but no one is going to stop purchasing books from Amazon (I know because my smashwords account has sat at a big fat goose egg for months while I’m still making sales on Amazon). And bottom line is that at least the authors still see some of that money assuming they are receiving their checks.

And on that topic (of getting paid), I have no personal knowledge of what is going on but I will say this, I believe the authors/editors/artists who say they haven’t been paid. Because I’m allowed to form my own beliefs/opinions and I don’t have to justify them to anyone, nor does anyone have to listen to me. I’m not going into the ins and outs of it all, but I do believe them and I feel for them. Have I been paid? Yes, but you also have to keep in mind that my royalties are minimal. Like, seriously. My royalties pay for a meal (and not for my family, just for me) some months I can go to Denny’s other months I have to hit the Dollar Menu for a single item plus tax (I am not even kidding about this). So really no one is breaking a nail writing out my single-digit check every month. I wouldn’t know what to do if I relied on that money for a bill, if I had hundreds of dollars coming to me and I didn’t receive it. I would be devastated.

I think if you happen to love an EC author who is saying “please don’t stop buying my books.” Then maybe consider listening to that author’s opinion. They have their reasons, it doesn’t mean that they like what is going on.

On the flipside, I know there are EC authors who are asking their readers to stop buying their books, if that is the case and this is an author you love then listen to them. They have their reasons too.

In the end it’s the authors who are losing out on this. It’s my opinion that everyone should just listen for a minute to the authors and what they want. They are the people who have worked their fingers to the bone writing these books. Those are the voices that should be heard instead of listening to A) the Publisher who has their hand out waiting for a sale and trashing their authors, or B) the bloggers who are calling on no one to ever buy from all EC authors ever again, which similarly doesn’t do the authors any good. Nothing is black and white, nothing is cut and dried.

I have seen some bloggers who have been kind enough to help some of the EC authors out by promoting their non-EC titles, to them I say, kudos to you! You found a way to support authors while sticking to your personal morals in regards to not giving money to a company you cannot support. However, not all authors have books with other publishers or self published. And if I had a perfect answer on how to show support to those people I’d be offering that up, but I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t conjure answers out of thin air. (Well I do have a crystal ball, but it’s not giving me any answers)

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not being a fence sitter. I just think that every author is in a different place, personally and professionally. And for once, people (even the ones who say they are trying to champion for the authors) should actually listen to what each author wants and/or needs from their readers and from the writing community as a whole. Because there are a whole lot of variables here and everyone’s circumstances are different.

Am I asking readers to not buy my EC title? No, if you want to read it then buy it. Enjoy it. Because it is my hard work, not EC’s. I bled for it, I cried over it, I had anxiety and excitement for it. Regardless of who owns the rights, I wrote it, not them. If you don’t want to give your money to EC, that works for me too. Do what is comfortable for you. If you want to read my non EC book, Waking Up In Bedlam, feel free to pick that up at Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, or ARe. Share it, rate it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (It was my first book, ever).

I was going to keep promoting my EC book, but in light of everything: mostly the bad behavior I’ve witnessed on an unnamed blog, comments left on other blogs, and a mysterious Twitter account that reeks of something fishy going on, and the public backlash that ensued in my inbox when I posted an Amazon link to my book on my own FB page I have since removed all my scheduled posts for the month of October in regards to Twisted Revenge (one or two might have slipped past me). I am also doing this because my decisions affect my co-authors Alexandra Webb and Phoebe Chase who wrote books two and three in the Ever After series of which Twisted Revenge is book one of. So if I am out there promoting the book it could reflect poorly on them and until I know for sure how they wish to handle this situation I will wait on scheduling promos and events.

Bottom line is, this is a dog eat dog situation and the only dog I have in this fight is me. I still believe in my book, I support my fellow EC authors, all of them (whether they are still wanting sales or asking for people to stop buying their titles). And I hope, beyond hope, that this can be resolved quickly. But I think that no matter what, no one is coming out of this shit storm without some splatters on them. I am so sad to have lost my editor, to see the freelance editors and artists let go and who have not been paid for their services. Now these hardworking people have to go out and find a new job to support their families. This entire situation sucks for everyone all around.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings on this whole bad situation. Normally I’d say “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” But unfortunately this is my circus and these are my monkeys.

(Thank you to for finding my missing iBooks link!)

Feature Author Friday: Authors of the Ever After Series

It’s a Triple Threat here on Feature Author Friday. You get three for the price of one.  Today I am featuring my co-authors of the Ever After series (available at Ellora’s Cave) along with all three of our books.

Ever After

●     Twisted Revenge     ●     Twisted Redemption     ●     Twisted Temptation     ●

Mia Bishop, Alexandra Webb, and Phoebe Chase

Mia Bishop, Alexandra Webb, and Phoebe Chase

Overview of the series:

Ever After- Beloved childhood fairy tales become wickedly sexy adventures making bedtime reading for adults only. Your favorite characters battle for their happily ever after, fighting against curses, secrets, and powers beyond their dreams—including an unexpected evil bent on turning the world into a dark unhappy place.


Book One

Title/Series: Twisted Revenge/Ever After

Author: Mia Bishop

Genre: Romantica/Xanadu

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Twisted Revenge by Mia Bishop Published by Ellora's Cave 2/26/2014

Twisted Revenge by Mia Bishop
Published by Ellora’s Cave 2/26/2014

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis hides a secret opening to a fairytale world. Hidden from Rowan since childhood, it may have been where she was born, but it’s not her home. That is, until the handsome, dangerous Luc strolls in with a tale about “the one in red” and how she’s supposed to kill Ulric, the Big Bad Wolf.

The attraction between Luc and Rowan is instant and intense. They explore each other while unlocking the powers and abilities hidden inside Rowan. It is her destiny to kill Ulric and Luc will do all he can to see that she fulfills her role.

Unfortunately, the Pied Piper is determined to keep Luc and Rowan apart. Secrets come to light that threaten to destroy their budding love. They’ll have to fight the Piper, shape-shifting wolves, and themselves to find their happily ever after.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


 Buy Links: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks


About The Author (me):

Mia Bishop

Mia Bishop

Mia Bishop lives in the Southwest with her husband, two boys, and enough animals to fill a mini-zoo. She writes to keep from dying of boredom in the high desert. Mia loves to read and write paranormal romance and erotica, but also enjoys the steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres as well as historical romances.

A geek at heart, Mia indulges in all matters of nerd cultures. The key to Mia’s heart (or ways to coax her into letting you sneak a peek at her latest works) can be won with anything Whovian related, tickets to ComicCon, or a ’67 black Chevy Impala.



Book Two

Title/Series: Twisted Redemption/Ever After

Author: Alexandra Webb

Genre: Romantica/Xanadu

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Twisted Redemption by Alexandra Webb

Twisted Redemption by Alexandra Webb

Behind the Gateway Arch lies a secret world. Belle is about to discover there’s more expected of her than she’d thought when she’d agreed to work for Sean. Dragged into a land she’d only read about, she quickly discovers Sean’s darker nature and learns of the beast lurking inside him. Though Belle swore she’d keep her distance from Sean their instant mutual attraction is undeniable. Not only does Belle find herself participating in hot sex with the man she holds responsible for her father’s death but suddenly everyone is telling her she’s the one who can break an ancient curse and bring peace to the land.

When Pied Piper sets his sights on the couple and threatens Belle’s life, Sean must overcome the beast within and win Belle’s heart…not just her body.

But twists of betrayal and death cause events to spiral out of control. Belle struggles to navigate through a paranormal land populated by shapeshifter wolves and other strange creatures, inside her own dangerously passionate fairytale.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Buy Links: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks


About The Author:

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb lives in her office where the sun is always shining, the coffee always flows and the chocolate never runs out. She writes paranormal romance and BDSM. She loves to hear from people you can find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and on her website.




Book Three

Title/Series: Twisted Temptation/Ever After

Author: Phoebe Chase

Genre: Romantica/Xanadu

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Twisted Temptation by Phoebe Chase

Twisted Temptation by Phoebe Chase

Princess Jacinda is thrilled to be away from watchful eyes and on an adventure. But the lamp she’s sent to retrieve attracts the attention of a sexy stranger who ignites her body and reveals a world she thought only existed in storybooks, and her fun vacation turns dangerous.

In a surprising turn of events, Alád races into a world where time seems to have stopped long ago. He’s running from assassins—something he’s used to dealing with as an employee of the Agency—but this time he’s got a princess in tow. He only seduced her to get his hands on the lamp he was sent to find but now he wants more of her.

Working together, they must solve the puzzle of the lamp and those who seek it—villains bent on harnessing its power to turn the world into a dark, unhappy place—and resolve other personal issues in order to find their happily ever after.

Inside Scoop: This sexy retelling of a classic fairytale is a magic carpet ride of passion and romance.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Buy Links: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Amazon, and All Romance eBooks

(Barnes & Nobles- coming soon)


About The Author:

Phoebe Chase

Phoebe Chase

Tired of toiling away in a cubicle with institution-blue walls, Phoebe put pen to paper and began creating stories much like the ones that keep her up well past bedtime.

Phoebe lives in beautiful New England with her husband, who fills out a police uniform very nicely, and her three children. She’s a hockey mom, soccer mom, and dance mom in her spare time.




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Cover Reveal: Twisted Redemption by Alexandra Webb

★ ☽ ♥ COVER REVEAL ♥ ☾ ★

Title/Series: Twisted Redemption (Book Two in the Ever After Series)

Author: Alexandra Webb

Genre: Romantica/Xanadu

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: July 18, 2014

Twisted Redemption by Alexandra Webb

Twisted Redemption by Alexandra Webb


Behind the Gateway Arch lies a secret world and Belle will discover there’s more expected of her than she’d thought when she’d agreed to work for Sean. Dragged into a land she’d only read about in storybooks she quickly discovers Sean’s dark side and the beast lurking within. Though Belle swore she’d keep a professional distance from Sean, their instant attraction to each other is undeniable. Belle not only finds herself participating in hot sex with the man she holds responsible for her father’s death but suddenly everyone is telling her she’s the one who can break an ancient curse.

When the Pied Piper sets his sights on the couple and Belle’s life is threatened, Sean must defeat his beast and win Belle’s heart…not just her body.

But twists of betrayal, lies and death cause events to spiral out of control. Belle struggles to navigate her way through a paranormal land populated by shapeshifter wolves and other strange creatures, inside her own dangerously passionate fairytale.


Series Blurb: The Gateway Arch in St. Louis draws more than tourists. Unbeknownst to the people visiting every day, it’s hidden magic also draws fairy tale creatures from your childhood who embark on wickedly sexy adventures in pursuit of their happily ever after. They battle curses, secrets, and other things that go bump in the night as well as a new evil lurking in the wings.


Ellora’s Cave:
Alexandra Webb site:
Alexandra Webb fan page:
Twitter: @Webb_Alexandra

Tuesday Tease: Exclusively Yours by Alexandra Webb

Alexandra was nice enough to share a snippet from her current work in progress “Exclusively Yours” with me today! Thank you, Alex!

Title: Exclusively Yours

Author: Alexandra Webb

Genre: BDSM Suspense

Excerpt from Exclusively Yours:

She pulled Vanessa in for a kiss, her tongue probing and parting her lips. They devoured and explored each other’s mouths and Leslie slid her hands over the soft curves of Vanessa’s hips, she let one hand rest on the waist and the other snaked in between them and brush through the trimmed hair right above Vanessa’s wet opening. She groaned at the touch. Though her body reacted, Leslie was simply doing as she was told. Vanessa was not one of her favorite girls to play with. But Leslie knew that the men at the table would be stroking themselves and the woman would be rubbing their thighs together. Soon the real fun would start. As they were treating each other to teasing touches and kisses a chair scrapped across the floor, heavy footsteps came up behind them. Her head was yanked back and she met the eyes of the man she’d seen in the hall. Her eyes flickered away automatically as she was trained.

He kissed her, tightening his grip on her hair. Her lips parted, letting him in as her clit throbbed with the tingling pain in her scalp. Their tongues tangled for a moment until he let go of her.

“Leslie, wait position.” Master’s voice snapped and she went to her knees. Resting her ass on her thighs and opening her legs, she felt the cool air of the room move across her exposed core and she shivered. She placed her arms on her legs, palms up, and held her head down, waiting for further instructions. “Vanessa, wall. Tess, knees. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy these girls while we wait for the others to show up.”

Keeping her gaze down, she only saw a pair of boots when someone approached her. Large fingers threaded through her hair and pulled. She stood, following his jerks. By his movements and jeans she knew that this was the seasoned member. That let her know what he wanted. She’d studied his habits before and knew what to expect. He led her over to the couch, where he sat, unzipping his pants. His hard member sprung out of his jeans and she went to work with her mouth. Her tongue caressed his shaft as she moved him in and out of her mouth, taking extra care to swirl around the head of his cock.

She cried out when she was pulled away from him and a hand wrapped around her throat. Her heart thudded as panic started to crawl through her. It took all her training to keep her from freaking out. Maybe his hand would just pass over her throat. It was often used as a scare tactic. No, his fingers tightened and she slammed her eyes shut. “Red.”


About the Author:

Alexandra lives in her office, where the coffee never runs out, the music plays and the chocolate magically appears. She adores reading, crafting and sleep. She often gets lost in her own world of writing. Spinning tales since she could speak, she knew she wanted to be an author in high school and she chased the dream everyone told her was ridiculous. Her preferred genre is paranormal romance with a flare for things a little less vanilla. Alexandra takes gifts of caffeine, candy and other sweets.

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Tuesday Tease: Criminal Behavior

Every Tuesday I’m going to start posting a little something to tease you all with. It will either be an excerpt from a WIP, something already out, or a guest tease from one of the many fabulous authors I am friends with. Enjoy!

Criminal Behavior by Mia Bishop & Alexandra Webb

Criminal Behavior
by Mia Bishop & Alexandra Webb


Title: Criminal Behavior

Author(s): Mia Bishop & Alexandra Webb

Genre: Erotica

Length: Two short stories


Two erotic short stories. What happens when two women find themselves in tough situations? Seduction and one night neither one of them will ever forget. Warning: Contains BDSM elements.


Excerpt from Dirty Deeds by Mia Bishop

She tried to take a step back but before she could get too far the man snatched up her hands and spun her around. Josie’s heartbeat quickened at the feel of something slim and cold being looped around her wrists. The sound of the zip-tie locking in place around her wrists nearly made her pass out. This was bad. Every thought rushing through her head was about all the things she’d never gotten to do in her life. Always so busy with work, trying to build a name for herself and this was what all of her hard work had gotten her. Locked up with a psychopath in a hotel room bound and gagged.

As if he could read her mind the man laughed and sat her on the edge of the bed. “I gave you my word, I won’t hurt you.” She mumbled again and he flashed a wicked smile that made her stomach do another round of flip-flops. “Stuffing a towel in your mouth and binding your hands isn’t hurting you, doll.” She narrowed her eyes at the nickname. Something in her reaction seemed to please him as his brow quirked. “Oh, don’t like that nickname, do you?”

Josie shook her head and wiggled her arms to try to free herself. The man stood up and started to pace. “You know, doll, I would take the gag out but I have a feeling you aren’t going to play nice. So until I can be convinced that you can be a good girl I’m going to keep you just how you are.” He stopped and let his gaze slide over every inch of her body as he licked his lips, “Chest out, shoulders back, chin up, and a defiant glare. You certainly do know how to look your best under pressure.” She rolled her eyes, which only elicited another laugh from him.

The bastard was enjoying this. Of course, why wouldn’t he? He was obviously the reason an entire casino and hotel went on lock-down and was swarmed by a SWAT team. She smiled inwardly, it would only be a matter of time before the officers started busting down every door to find him. She would just have to wait him out.

“You know they aren’t coming up here, right?”

She blinked. Was he a fucking mind reader? This was ridiculous, she screamed against the towel in her mouth and stomped her feet so hard in the lamps next to the bed shook. If he wanted a fight she could throw a fit of epic proportions. She took a deep breath through her nose to ready her lungs for round two when she heard a very distinctive click. Her entire body stilled, she might not know much about the world, but she knew without looking that the click was the sound of a gun being cocked. Slowly she opened her eyes to see him pointing the pistol at her, the hard stare he gave her made her mouth go dry. “Not another fucking sound, doll.”


Excerpt from Caught and Bound by Alexandra Webb

I set my kit on the desk and made sure the computer was powered down before I unhooked the wires. A strange noise came through the walls and I froze. My heart stopped as my mind whirled to make sense of it. It sounded like a garage door opening. Cursing, I darted from the room, but I ran into a hard body. I jumped back with a gasp and looked up to meet Chris’ hazel gaze.

Fuck. His black button up shirt was open, exposing his broad chest. I swallowed as I studied the hard muscles that I’d never seen. Working in the office never really called for the removal of clothes. My tongue darted over my lips as I raised my gaze to his again.

“What are you doing here, Katie?” His crossed his arms and his gaze hardened as it wandered over my body.

I couldn’t figure out if I should go with the truth or some strange lie. I started to speak, but he held a figure up.

“The truth, Katie.”

“I came to steal your hard drive.” I tried to give a casual shrug. “I thought you were supposed to be out late. Had you not gotten home early I would have gotten away with it.”

His mouth twisted into a strange, yet sexy smile. “You think that? I knew that you had been planted in my office.”

What the hell? “When did you figure it out?” Where had I screwed up?

“The moment I tried to track down your references. Your boss did a horrible job.”

“Yet you hired me anyway?” I raised a brow and crossed my arms under my breasts and I saw his eyes dip to my leather encased mounds.

He laughed, a dark sexy laugh from deep in his chest. “Because you look sexy as hell in a short skirt and blazer.”

*    *    *    *    *

Purchase a copy of Criminal Behavior at Smashwords or Amazon for 99 cents.



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Featured Author Friday: Alexandra Webb

This is the first installment of what I hope becomes a regular segment here on my blog. I want to put the spotlight on other authors, help spread the word, and let them showcase what is coming up next for them.

My first featured author is Alexandra Webb, she is a very dear friend of mine and one of my co-authors in the Ever After Series published by Ellora’s Cave, she is also a contributing author (and helps run) the Twisted Tales blog, she is the head author over at the Self-Publishing Experiment, and we are currently in edits/revisions for A Demon’s Heart which we co-wrote. As if that isn’t enough on her plate she has new works in progress, a fabulous husband and an adorable daughter to take care of. She is definitely superwoman.

Featured Author: Alexandra Webb

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

I’m a super hero! No, kidding. I’m a BDSM/Paranormal romance author. Alexandra is my second personality 😉 I’m addicted to coffee and chocolate and I’m a bit of a workaholic.

Are you Indie Published, Traditional, Hybrid, unpublished?

I’m a Hybrid author and proud to say so! I have two books (waiting on edits) with Ellora’s Cave, today I released my first short story with Mia in Criminal Behavior. A Demon’s Heart, a co-written book with Mia will be Indie Published as well.

Tell us a little about your current work, project, or book?

I have a couple projects in the work right now. A Demon’s Heart is currently in edits and revisions. It’s a paranormal romance based around the concept that NOLA is divided into territories and different creatures rule certain parts. Alexei is a demon who is put in a tough situation when he finds out that Kanika possess an item he needs to bring his family back from the dead.

My two WIP are Exclusively Yours and Shards of Me. EY is a BDSM Erotic Romance suspense centered around a murder targeting BDSM clubs and slaves. Shards of Me is a BDSM romance focused around a Dom/sub relationship after the sub lost her previous Dom that held her heart.

What is coming up next for you?

Coming up next is: Criminal Behavior (oh wait, that’s out today! Go pick up your copy now at Amazon!:D) Black and White, and Twisted Redemption Book 3 in Ever After

Criminal Behavior by Mia Bishop & Alexandra Webb

Criminal Behavior
by Mia Bishop & Alexandra Webb

Criminal Behavior: Two erotic short stories, what happens when two women find themselves in tough spots? Seduction.

Black and White: When photographer Erika meets Archaeologist Landon her journey into submission starts and she learns that a picture is worth a thousand pleasures.

Twisted Redemption: The Piper is still trying to ruin everyone’s happily ever after. Sean must win Belle’s heart, not just her body in this twisted fairytale.

Where can readers follow you and will you be appearing in person anywhere in 2014?



I’ll be at Indie Romance Convention as both my personalities. Nashville TN, September 10-14th! Come see me! I’ll be the awkward one on heels. 😉