Dream Cast: Mind Games

castingSometimes I find my muses on the catwalk rather than the TV, so I can’t attest to the acting abilities of some of my pics. None the less, if Mind Games were to need a cast, this is who I’d envision.


Code Name: Fox/Mind Games A.L. Kessler & Mia Bishop

Liam O’Conner: Charlie Hunnam

Reagan Silas: Larisa Fraser

Jake Rosenthal: Pedro Soltz

Seamus O’Hare: Ben Hill

Kat O’Conner: Gabby Westbrook Patrick

Captain James Hampton: John Abraham

Celeste: Maryna Linchuk

Dugan O’Conner: Liev Schreiber

Peterson: Tyler Hoechlin (Although the more I write Peterson a new muse is coming forward, you’ll have to wait to find out who!)

Remus: There is really no one I can find or think of that can play this character without some major alterations. So for Remus and Romulus you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Blue neon sign with comedy text on wall

If you’d like to check out the pictures I picked for my dream cast you can check out my Dream Cast list on Listal: http://www.listal.com/list/dream-cast-mind-games-mia-miabishop

You can order Code Name: Fox/Mind Games by A.L. Kessler and Mia Bishop on Amazon!

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Playlist: Sacrifice by Mia Bishop

black music notes on a solid white background

Sacrifice by Mia Bishop

The first inspiration I had for Nico and Abby was while we were driving home from Denver a few years ago and I was listening to a song called Blood Like Lemonade by Morcheeba, but the real meat and potatoes of Sacrifice came on another trip to Denver when Hozier’s Take Me To Church came on. Boom! Inspiration struck and I had a story. On that same trip I heard Ghost by Ella Henderson and the entire story arc for another character who appears in Book Two started to form (More on that later as I’m still writing book two and I don’t want to give away any spoilers). Here’s my playlist for Sacrifice, which started out being called Dusk and in the end was changed to a much more fitting title.

  1. Hozier – Take Me To Church
  2. Gin Wigmore – Kill of the Night
  3. Awolnation – SAIL
  4. Sam Smith – Stay With Me
  5. Gin Wigmore – Stealing Happiness
  6. The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows
  7. Imagine Dragons – Demons
  8. Fall Out Boy – Light ‘Em Up
  9. Max Frost – Nice and Slow
  10. Florence And The Machine – I’m not calling you a liar
  11. Bear in Heaven – Sinful Nature
  12. Zeale feat. Patricia Lynn –  Hope Dies
  13. Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep
  14. Zella Day – Sacrifice
  15. Ruelle – Monsters
  16. Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

If you’d like to give this playlist a listen I’ve got it up on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/MYSVMgRr6pw?list=PLhTr5iznJ78OP9ohIiuZkKgn_V3qR-DFn 

Headphones on Laptop Computer. Online Music Listening. Music Concept.

About Sacrifice:

In the New Mexico desert, evil is stirring. A lost man must protect everything he holds dear from the oncoming storm and a mysterious woman is the key.

A decade after being forced out of the priesthood, Nico Lynch spends his days drinking himself into an early grave and his nights hunting demons. His world is turned upside down when he is asked to help a local Striga Coven.

Abby shouldn’t have survived, but she did and that’s turning out to be one hell of a problem for Nico. The world he lives in is black and white. There has always been a clear definition between good and evil, right and wrong. Every moment he spends with Abby challenges him to see the world differently.

Mysterious forces have brought them together, pitting them against a demon army. Nico will either be the savior of mankind or the catalyst of the apocalypse and Abby’s fate rests in his hands.

Available on Amazon!

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Playlist: Mind Games (The Syndicate Vol.1 by A.L. Kessler & Mia Bishop)

black music notes on a solid white backgroundMusic inspires almost every story I write and story ideas I’m still waiting to write (even though I can’t write with music playing). Mind Games was inspired by a song from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, so it obviously had to be number one on this list. Here is my playlist for Mind Games.

1. Gangster by Kehlani

2. Sail by Awolnation

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons

4. I Can’t Make You Love Me by Tony Lucca

5. Wolf and I by Oh Land

6. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

7. Do I Wanna Know? By Arctic Monkeys

8. Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes

9. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone by Lykke Li

 Headphones on Laptop Computer. Online Music Listening. Music Concept.

If you’d like to give this playlist a listen I’ve got it up on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/kbKA3Nhpjs8?list=PLhTr5iznJ78PlupSQg5QLhJ7SdYGCd0mM 

About The Syndicate Vol. 1

Novella One and Two of the paranormal romance Syndicate Series.


Code Name: Fox/Mind Games A.L. Kessler & Mia Bishop

Novella One: Code Name: Fox

Shifter, Skye Lannister, takes a job at the Agency in hopes to help her kind, but the Agency isn’t what it seems. Caught by the vampire Syndicate council member, Zeek, Skye starts to question what she was thinking taking the job. When Zeek urges her to look deeper into the Agency, Skye learns that the company is hiding dark secrets and menacing plans.

Zeek Fuchs, Syndicate Council member, vampire, drug lord, and overall badass wasn’t prepared to protect the shifter he caught hacking his systems. The naïve woman took the job on a whim and had no idea she was carrying out dangerous orders. When assassins start attacking, things heat up as the two fight to keep her alive.

Novella Two: Mind Games

Most witches are freelance, but being a psychic witch makes Reagan Silas valuable to the Agency’s Protection and Security Division. Untrained in physical magic, Reagan’s talents as a witch are only a benefit in the Mindscape of those she interrogates. Her world is turned upside down when her interrogation of the Alpha of the O’Conner pack goes terribly wrong.

Liam O’Conner never expected to find himself protecting the woman who tormented him in his own mind, but when it becomes clear that both of them are in danger he has no other choice. With an unseen foe on the loose, Liam must keep the witch close to him at all times and find a way to convince her of the truth about her employers. Can he make her see what the Agency is really up to or will her dark past keep her from trusting him?

Available on Amazon now!

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A.L. Kessler
is known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. She lives in Colorado Springs with her family. Her addiction to coffee and chocolate get her through her busy life of being a mom, wife, and student. You can learn more about her at www.amylkessler.com


Mia Bishop lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys, and enough animals to fill a mini-zoo. She writes to keep from dying of boredom in the high desert. Mia loves to read and write paranormal romance and erotica, but also enjoys the steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres as well as historical romances.

Writing Wednesday: Making Time

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard12490085 Old paper grunge background Pay attention to your dre

With NaNoWriMo on the horizon making time is crucial. And honestly I suck at making time for myself. I struggle with it in my personal and professional life. When someone tags me in a post I feel the obligation to respond immediately to the point where I actually walked out of a doctors appointment the other day to respond to posts. I felt as if I was failing if I didn’t give it my immediate attention. As soon as it was over I had a good talk with my doctor, clearly my boundary settings needed some work.

I’ve been getting better, but this incident was a step back for me. I’ve worked hard to pull myself out of my uber-people-pleaser phase and adapt a more healthy “the world isn’t going to end if I don’t answer this right now.” approach. So after some time thinking it over I went back to look at what I have been doing that is working for me, in hopes that with the oncoming storm that is NaNoWriMo I can be better prepared.

I’ve started letting people know ahead of time that I won’t be available during the day. Between all the stuff we have to do in our day it’s a wonder we get anything done at all. I know I’m not the only one out there with kids, husband, family, work, school, animals, health issues, etc. that all require my attention. The difference is that I used to put everything and everyone ahead of all of those things because I thought it made me a better person by bending over backwards for people. Now I realize that I can’t help anyone else if I don’t take care of myself first. And part of that is writing. It helps me, keeps me sane, and writing is a huge chunk of who I am. Even before I put that writing into books I was writing as part of planning my D&D games, writing out my own extensive lore for a campaign, writing back stories for characters, poetry, and short stories that were just for me to read. So I have to make the time.

This blog is a great example of how much more productive I’ve been. Before I would put off posting until the last minute because I was busy doing other things for other people (my kids, family, anyone and everyone) then at that last minute you know what would happen? Something else would come up, and my blog suffered for it. Now, for the past month or so, I’ve been fairly consistent in my posting and the blog has been a lot more active and I’m so grateful for that because I love being here.

Time sucks are also terrible for my productivity. Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo News. I get lost in those sites for hours. I’d like to say I’m a strong willed person, but that would be a lie. To help with that I recently cheated and got a Chrome extension to block certain sites *coughs* Facebook *coughs* during my work hours. So far that is helping as long as I keep my phone far from reach)

How do you make time for writing or your other priorities in life? Are you a people-pleaser? Do you use any website blocking software or extensions to help keep you on task?

Monday- Music Feeds My Soul: Mumford And Sons

Holy music heaven. Today I’m feeling like I need an old favorite to get me through this Monday. My writing inspiration today is courtesy of Mumford and Sons. I freaking love them. Like LOVE them.

Funny story, my husband (who isn’t a huge fan) planned himself a trip once to the Telluride Blues Festival. We were supposed to go together, but he and his friend booked their entries and forgot to tell me to do it as well. So by the time I filled out mine there were no openings left (we were all going to volunteer so that we could go for free, it’s a deal they offer). Anyways, they go up and spend three days listening to music they don’t even like and low and behold who comes on stage? Mumford and Sons with Robert Plant!

I was like “Are you kidding me?” Gah! So he got to see them while I stayed home for a weekend. One the plus side, it snowed on them and most of the people camp out up there for the festival, so I guess it’s a trade-off. I got my nice comfy bed and no snow while he got to see one of my favorite bands performing with a legendary musician… Wait! That isn’t a trade-off at all! Damn it…

The Cave by Mumford and Sons

Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons (live at Red Rocks)


Happy Monday