Character Profile: The Striga from Sacrifice

(These character profiles are just a little something I’ve done from the prospective of an organization that makes a brief appearance in Sacrifice and will have a much larger presence in upcoming books in the series. I’ve take great care to not include any spoilers, but if I’ve missed any I apologize in advance.)File folder with blank label for text


Organization: Striga Coven of the Southwest

Known Names: Arveda Corinthia, Meredith, Kara, Josephine, Adaline, Chloe
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Designation: Magick Users
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Description: Several reports state that the Striga can transform into large humanoid-like birds of prey. The Order has been unable to confirm these reports. Other sources claim that this is simply one of many illusions that the Striga use to frighten and intimidate humans.

Allies: Nico Lynch, Abigail Stine, Lobo (Last name unknown), Alexander Hardcastle, Nefarious Stevens
Enemies: John of Patmos, Rosalie Dei Caduti, Gabriel
Personal Motto: A Striga bows to no man.
Weapon of choice: Magick, preferably fire or electricity

Important information from The Order of Eternal Mercy:
The Striga, and most importantly their leader/mother Arveda, are ruthless magick users who see men as nothing more than walking/talking ATMs. Arveda’s plans have yet to be revealed to The Order of Eternal Mercy, but we are keeping tabs on several of their coven at the moment.
Most of the women live in Dusk, NM and are currently working with the excommunicated priest, Nico Lynch, and his accomplice, Abigail Stine, to stop the out flow of demons who are threatening mankind’s existence. Although as we’ve seen in the past Arveda has been known to double cross even her closest ally if it benefits her and her coven.

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Magic Monday: Late Night Radio And Books

Did you know one of the best places to learn about the paranormal, supernatural, and all things magic is free, readily available, and the only downfall is you have to be a night owl? Late night radio is a plethora of information, enlightening stories, spooky occurrences, and expert guests. Mostly I’m talking about Coast To Coast AM with George Noory.

I have loved this show since forever. Well, technically I have loved it since back in the day when my husband worked a night shift and I was always too scared to go to sleep at night being home alone with two small kids. So I lived a crazy schedule of staying up until 4 am when he’d get home. Then I’d sleep for a few hours, get up with the kids, nap when they napped and start the cycle all over again. In retrospect listening to spooky stories, haunting, and whatnot in the wee hours of the morning probably did a lot to fuel my fear of being home alone.

If you stop by the Coast To Coast website take a look at their photo section. They have pictures submitted from fans and from the show itself. You’ll find ghosts, UFOs, picture of the eclipse, and all matter of interesting images.

Now I fall asleep listening to George and his guests. Just to be clear, it’s usually the second guest who gets into the spooky or magical stuff. And FYI I love conspiracy theories (if you are turned off by them then this show, or at least one of the two guests, probably wont be your cup of tea)

Last week Mr. Noory had on Judika Illes in a segment called Witchcraft from A-Z. If you don’t already know Judika Illes is also an author, we quite enjoy her book: Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes

This book is an amazing source of information.


Another fabulous author to check out is Phyllis Curott. Her books Book of Shadows and Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic are also great source material for expanding your knowledge and also as research for those of us who write about magic.

Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott

Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott

Witch Crafting... by Phyllis Curott

Witch Crafting… by Phyllis Curott

To be clear there is a difference between Witchcraft and Wicca. One can practice Witchcraft without being Wiccan and so if you are looking for one thing rather than the other both of these books together might now be for you.


Do you know of other radio programs that dedicate some of their time to Magic, Witchcraft, or the Paranormal? Leave a comment with their station call sign so I can check them out. Also, if you have a favorite book on magic post it in the comments as well!