My Writing Life: Novella Challenge


Challenge_Novella_Day 0

I’m issuing myself a challenge and I’m making it public as an added kick to the butt. Want to join me? Feel free to comment here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Challenge: Write a Novella in 7 days

Start Date: May 27, 2018

End Date: June 3, 2018

I’m going to spend today plotting, nothing super detailed, but I at least need a jumping point. Over on Facebook, I’m going to keep track of my word counts, how the day is progressing, what is happening when I’m failing, and how I’m succeeding.

I’ve lost so many hours to all the drama and chaos going on with the indie romance world right now with lawsuits and trademarks, that it’s affected my mood and if my mood is funky I get zero words written. So this is my attempt at blocking out all the negative and getting into writing on the daily again. If this goes well I’m hoping to institute what works for my every day writing to try to knock out a few novellas I have planned for release this year. But this project will just be a one-off, something brand new, I don’t know what will ever come of it. I just wanted to start something from scratch so that it’s truly untouched from the beginning instead of doing this challenge with something I’ve already written a couple of chapters for.

Working Title: Novella Project (LMAO So original, I know. It’s the best I could come up with)

Word Count: 20-30,000

Average Daily Word Count: 3,500


  1. Summer Vacation + Summer School
  2. Heat
  3. Social Media
  4. Nowhere to write in relative peace and quiet
  5. Interruptions by extended family members
  6. Really, really, really wanting to be floating in the lake on an innertube and sipping ice tea.


  1. Another book under my belt
  2. Satisfaction of completing a project
  3. Being held accountable by making it public

What do I get if I win (against myself and my inherent procrastination)? Hmmm. Maybe a nice dinner and a day spent out at the lake with that big glass of ice tea.

Want to join me? In the comments leave the following information and I’ll tag you every morning and evening in my beginning and ending posts.

Working Title:

Total Word Count:

Average Daily Word Count Goal:



What will you win if you complete the challenge?

Now I’m going to get to plotting and start prepping for tomorrow. Remember to stay hydrated and have snacks on hand. A hangry writer tends to kill everyone off and leads to a very short book.


Tuesday Tease: Lucky Charm (Sweet as Clover Prequel)


With Sweet as Clover’s release right around the corner, I wanted to make sure everyone who might want to know what came before their first full-length story got a chance to read it one way or another.

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Want to know what happened when Maddie and Nick first met? Curious how a sexy one-night stand turned into a mystery?

Lucky Charm is the story of the night Madeleine Carver met Nick Castle and their encounter left them both changed forever.

Here are three ways for you to read my short story Lucky Charm, the prequel to Sweet as Clover:

  1. You can purchase Lucky Charm on Amazon for 99¢
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And don’t forget to Pre-Order Sweet as Clover so you can dive into Maddie and Nick’s next adventure as soon as it goes live on May 14th.

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New Year, New Plans, New Releases!

Hey guys!

It’s been awhile, but with the new year brings new things all bright and beautiful… And frightening (let’s be honest)!

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Starting 2018 off, I’m having a sale for Revelations book one, Sacrifice. It will be 99¢ starting today! The sale will go from January 18- January 25.

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After that, I have a release on February 12th with A.L. Kessler for the 3rd volume of our Syndicate series (Voices/Lost It All- available for Pre-Order). Remember this is two novellas in one book, both in the same universe, with overlapping characters and plots. Volume one (Code Name: Fox/Mind Games) and Volume two (In Disguise/Sing To Me) are both available on Amazon and FREE on KU.

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For 2018, I plan on opening my blog up to guest posts, so if you are an author, PA, or blogger who might want to share a post feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter and I can get you scheduled.

That is pretty much it for right now. I’m busy dusting off the cobwebs around here and hope all of you are having a fantastic start to the new year!


2 New Releases by Erin Lee

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New Release! Rosinanti: Wrath of The Faithful by Kevin J. Kessler


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But when they find themselves separated, with the entire world turned against them, both princess and animus warrior must battle not only the forces of chaos and darkness that seek to end their world, but their own crippling doubts and fears.

Valentean must also face the horrifying truth of himself. He is one of the last surviving members of the Rosinanti race, and holds within him world-destroying power, and the unwanted uncontrollable ability to transform into a fearsome dragon.

The struggle of man vs beast is not limited to the battlefield. Valentean will wage that war internally, within the confines of his own conflicted heart.

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